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Osm2pgsql is an Open Source project. Your contributions are welcome. You can find the source code and issue tracker on Github.

Please see for some information about how to contribute.

There is a kind of road map for osm2pgsql development. It’s not to be understood as a definite “this is what we’ll do” document, but as a rough and incomplete overview of the shared understanding of the maintainers about where we are and in what areas we see need for work.

See also the generalization project.

We also have a list of project ideas with more long-term projects.

Tests and Continuous Integration

Github Actions Build Status

We have a growing suite of tests, new features and bug fixes should always have test coverage.

The master branch and all pull requests are checked automatically using Github Actions (on Linux, macOS and Windows).


We strive to be out-of-the-box compatible with major Linux distributions to make use of osm2pgsql as easy as possible for many users. Usually at least the last long-term release of the major Linux distributions is supported. This handy list of dependencies helps with that.

We strive to support all versions of PostgreSQL and PostGIS that are


Osm2pgsql is available in several distributions:

Installation instructions.


For developers and power users who want to understand the osm2pgsql internals:


The software osm2pgsql is available under the GNU General Public License.

Contributing to this Website

This website ( is hosted on Github. We welcome contributions to it. Please open an issue, or even better, a pull request with your changes.

Most pages on this website have an “Source of this page” link at the bottom that will take you right to the Github repository page. Each section in the manual has a little ✎ (pencil) button for the same use.