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Keep in mind that osm2pgsql is an Open Source project supported by volunteers, often in their free time.

If you are having trouble with osm2pgsql and need help, make sure to

See the release notes and the Upgrading appendix in the manual for details.

Getting Help

If you need help with osm2pgsql, should be your first destination.

Before asking your question, have a look at existing questions about osm2pgsql on that site, maybe yours has already been answered. Note that some answers are outdated.

Reporting Bugs

osm2pgsql on Github

You can report bugs and problems by opening an issue on Github. Please check existing issues first.

Please describe

Give us details about the system you are using including the osm2pgsql version used. Tell us exactly what commands you used and include any relevant log output. If you have several unrelated problems, open separate issues for each.

Discuss Bugs, Features and Ideas

You can ask questions or discuss bugs, features and ideas on the OSM developer mailing list or the #osm-dev IRC channel.

Commercial Support

Commercial support for osm2pgsql is available from several companies and freelancers. You can contact the osm2pgsql developers Sarah Hoffmann or Jochen Topf or have a look at our sponsors who also offer some osm2pgsql-related services.