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These examples show some use cases of osm2pgsql and highlight some features.

Raster Tiles

This is the "classical" job of osm2pgsql: Import OSM data into a database to create raster tiles from.

Vector Tiles

Osm2pgsql imports OSM data using a very flexible configuration making it easy to generate any kind of vector tiles.

Building Map

Need only a few feature types? Import only what you need for a quick map.

Antarctica Map

Osm2pgsql can use many different projections to fit the area covered and your use case.

Geospatial Analysis

An osm2pgsql database is well-suited for geospatial analysis using the power of the PostGIS database extension.

Creating a POI map

Use osm2pgsql to create a points-of-interest map.

3d Buildings

Use height information on OSM buildings to create a simple 3d map.

Exporting OSM Data

Osm2pgsql and a database can be used as a step in exporting OSM data into many different GIS formats.

Raw Data Publication

The raw OSM data can be published via a web API using pg_featureserv