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Version 1.4.0

Released: 2020-12-07

Github release page

Release 1.4.0

The project has a new website at now with extensive documentation and examples, and with sections on support, contributing, news. etc. Most of the documentation from the repository and the OSM wiki was moved there. We still have a man page, it is now maintained in markdown format. All the documentation, man page, help texts etc. have been cleaned up, made more consistent and brought up to date.

The program has a much improved log output now. Each line is prefixed with a date/timestamp and by default osm2pgsql isn’t as verbose any more. You can change the verbosity using several options. You can even have super-verbose logging of all SQL commands issued and all data written to the database. Warnings and errors now appear in red color if your console supports it. Progress output is disabled when the output is redirected to a file (but there is an option to re-enable it). When printing how low something took, osm2pgsql will now not only print the seconds but also a more human readable format with hours, minutes, and seconds.

In the last release (version 1.3.0) we have already added a warning when you used input files with negative OSM object ids or input files which are not ordered correctly. These are now not allowed any more and osm2pgsql will stop with an error if it detects these. See the manual for how to work around this. This allowed us to improve the handling of multiple input files. Osm2pgsql now reads multiple input files at the same time merging the contents. This means that you can now import several extracts in one go. Note that the extracts still have to come from the same point in time!

Changes in the flex output (which is still marked experimental). Not that some of these are breaking changes compared to the behaviour in version 1.3.0:

Other changes:

The ‘multi’ output was already deprecated in the last version (1.3.0), it will be removed in the next release.

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