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Version 1.10.0

Released: 2023-11-07

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This is a relatively small but still important release.

The new middle table format has changed slightly: the tags field can now be NULL. This makes storage more efficient and indexing faster. The new middle format is now declared stable and production ready. To use it, use the command line option --middle-database-format=new, in a future version of osm2pgsql this will become the new default. If you have used this option already with one of the 1.9.x versions of osm2pgsql you have to reload your database or use this SQL command to update the table: ALTER TABLE <name> ALTER COLUMN tags DROP NOT NULL;, for <name> use planet_osm_nodes, planet_osm_ways, and planet_osm_rels or the equivalents if you are using a different table name prefix.

Other changes:

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