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Where We are Going

18 August 2023

Development of an Open Source project is often driven by the current need for some features. But we also have frequent discussions about the long-term development of the project. Where do we need or want to go? How do all the different features fit together to make a coherent whole? What feature can we work on now that makes sense on its own but can also later be a part of something bigger?

To help with this big-picture view we maintain a kind of road map. It is by no means complete, and always changing, but it gives you some idea on where we are and where we want to go.

For even more “out there” ideas we just added a new project ideas list. These are the ideas we want to work on eventually, but that are too large to do in a few hours here or there. Maybe you want to help working on one of these? Or help with funding the development?