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Osm2pgsql goes AI

01 April 2024

Looks like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to solve all the worlds problems. And we here at osm2pgsql headquarters certainly don’t want to be left out. Also all the research funding these days goes towards AI and we certainly don’t wan to be left out of that.

So at the last hack weekend in Karlsruhe we asked the younger generation who knows about this AI stuff to help us out with making osm2pgsql fit for the future.

Isaac Boates stepped up and talked ChatGPT into working for us. As a promising first step, the AI helped us solve the biggest problem osm2pgsql had: We didn’t have a logo. The AI came up with a few logo ideas for osm2pgsql. The AI was a bit obsessive about the paintbrush it absolutely wanted to include in the image, but nothing a bit of fiddling with Gimp couldn’t solve. So now we finally have an official logo for osm2pgsql! This AI stuff is really neat!

We are looking forward to all the other great achievements AI has in store for us!