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Announcing Themepark

11 September 2023

Writing a config file for osm2pgsql from scratch is not easy. And it shouldn’t be something that everybody has to do. Most maps want to do some things different than other maps, but most things are probably the same as on many other maps. Themepark is a framework for creating osm2pgsql configuration by reusing existing building blocks. You can mix existing configurations with your special layers. And it all works together.

Today we are releasing a beta version of Themepark. It is still somewhat rough around the edges, but you can play with it and together we’ll make it better. It comes with various more or less experimental themes to get you some ideas.

It also comes with the configuration to generate vector tiles using the Shortbread schema. There are two versions, one without generalization which is really only usable on high zoom levels (12 and above or so) and one using the new experimental generalization support in osm2pgsql which can be used as basis for complete vector tile set on all zoom levels.

We thank Sourcepole for funding part of the work on the Shortbread configuration.

You’ll find more details at on the Themepark page on, the code is on Github.