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Release 1.8.0

28 January 2023

We are happy to announce the new release 1.8.0 of osm2pgsql.

The largest change is the addition of much more flexible index support in the flex output. The table definitions have a new (optional) field called indexes now which takes a list of index definitions. If the field is not there, we fall back to what we did before and create a GIST index on the only/first geometry column of a table. But you can also define any kind of index you want: define which index method (BTREE, GIST, …) to use on which columns, define WHERE clauses and expression indexes and much more. See the flex-config/indexes.lua Lua config for some usage examples and the manual for all the details. You can also force osm2pgsql to always build the id indexes which are normally only built in slim mode.

The gazetteer output and the command line option --with-forward-dependencies are deprecated in this release and will be removed soon. They were only needed for Nominatim which switched to using the flex output recently.

Here are the other changes:

As always there were lots of code cleanups across the board, but especially in code accessing the database and in the C++/Lua glue code to make it more flexible and easier to use internally.