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New test server

30 August 2022

Any software needs a lot of testing and osm2pgsql is no different. For development we have automated unit, integration and regression tests, but they only run on tiny amounts of data. To figure out where performance bottlenecks are, how different configurations of osm2pgsql or the PostgreSQL database affect performance, or wether a planet import still works after some major changes, we need something else.

Thanks to FOSSGIS e.V., the German OSM chapter, we have a new machine for development and testing now. With an AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core Processor, 128 GByte RAM, and two 1.9 TByte NVME SSDs the machine is easily capable enough to run a planet database. This will allow us to do lots more, larger, and longer running tests in the future. It will also help with giving users better advice in the manual how to set up their system for specific use cases. Thank you, FOSSGIS!