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New Website for Osm2pgsql

23 September 2020

Osm2pgsql has been an important part of the OpenStreetMap software stack for a long time. But its documentation is scattered between the OSM wiki, the Github repository and other places here or there. Now, thanks to some money the OpenStreetMap Foundation is putting towards osm2pgsql development, we can unvail a new website for the project allowing us to bring together all the information about the project.

Having a proper website for the project should make it much easier for new users and old hands alike to install, configure, and run osm2pgsql.

This is only a first step in a bigger task. The website isn’t complete yet, there is a lot of work to do, especially fleshing out the documentation and adding to the FAQ. This will happen over the next months. Eventually we hope to consolidate all documentation from the wiki and the repository here.

We are also looking for examples of osm2pgsql use, tips & tricks, and so on. If you are using osm2pgsql in some interesting way or want to share some experiences, contact us.